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Top Pick For Dog Run Flooring

My top pick for kennel decking is this piece of decking. I love it because it is the easiest and simplest to use and to put together. No unwieldy snaps but rather clips that can be used wherever and as needed. It's perfect for all types of kennel and run flooring.

Top Dog Kennel And Run Decking

There are quite a few different types of dog run decking on the market–in fact, whereas it was once fairly difficult to locate it is now quite easy to find. There are several different brands of dog run flooring on the market. Following is a summary and synopsis of some of the top selling brands.

VetChoice Kennel and Cage Platform


Perhaps the most popular choice is the VetChoice Kennel and Cage Platform.  It is available in several different colors, it interlocks together very nicely and best of all it is quite a bit less expensive than other popular brands of kennel decking.

Size: Each piece is 2′ x 4′  – nice and easy figures to work with. One piece weights around six pounds.

Interlinking: It snaps together using tabs around the outer edge of the kennel. However, a word of warning, the tabs are not all the same, some are female and some male, so the pieces are not really all that interchangeable in that you do have to place them so that the tabs will snap together. They may not work that well if your ground is uneven either and you may have to resort to an alternative method for fastening the decking together. This causes problems as the actual tabs are then very tempting for your dog to chew on–something that you probably would not want!  They are, however, perfect for laying down over a smooth surface such as cement for example, or if your garden or lawn is quite level.

Drainage: There are small spaces between the slabs so drainage is adequate without the decking being uncomfortable for your pet.

Price: One piece usually costs around $12

The Kennel Deck

The PETCO Kennel Deck is another more costly option.  There is a reason for it being more expensive; simply put it is a superior piece of decking in my opinion especially for larger dogs. Each piece is larger and weighs more although it is still very easy to lay it down or move it around. You can cut the pieces down if necessary, and the interlinking option is much better.

Size: Each piece is 2′ x 4′ and weighs 10 pounds.

Interlinking: Rather than having tabs attached to the pieces, you can join them together using clips which snap the two pieces together. This is superior in many respects. There are no awkward plastic pieces sticking up for your dog to chew on. You can also join the pieces in any direction or make any shape out of them that you wish. This makes these particular pieces ideal for oddly shaped runs and means that you can move them around and rearrange the pieces as you will.  The clips come together with the decking or more pieces can be bought separately as needed.

Drainage: As with the VetChoice Decking, they drain well while remaining very comfortable for even a larger dog to comfortably sit or lie on.

Price: Between $42 to $47 per piece.

Interlocking Kennel Floor Panel

The Interlocking Kennel Floor Panel by Wayfair is a similar product — similarly priced to the PETCO kennel decking, though not quite as easy to manipulate if you want to put in an irregularly shaped dog run. It too comes with interlinking pieces, though as with the Vetchoice platform you are somewhat restricted in the way you lay down the panels as they snap together rather than use clips to assemble them. This makes them very quick to put together but is somewhat limiting if you want to rearrange your pieces.

Size: These pieces are 30″ x 30″ and each piece weighs 3.5 pounds. The size is a little more awkward to work with than the other types of kennel decking mentioned here.

Interlinking: Superior to the tab interlinking system of the Vetchoice platforms, these link by means of interlocking and overlapping tabs that run all the way round the sides of the platform pieces. The pro is that you do not have plastic tabs sticking up, begging to be chewed on. It does somewhat limit the way you need to place the pieces though.

Drainage: Great, as with the other decking reviewed here.

Price: Around $40 per piece.

My Rating

If you are looking for something that will last well, is easy to lay down and can be laid on just about any surface you may want to pay a little more and opt for the PETCO Kennel Deck. The main plus is that you can join the pieces in any way you want and are  not limited by tabs.

My second choice would be the Vetchoice kennel decking as even though you do have to cope with the tabs on the sides, it is probably a more cost effective option than the Interlocking Kennel Floor Panel which, in my opinion, is slightly over priced in comparison with other dog run flooring on the market.

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